Employee experience is important in the rail industry. As a Train Driver you will experience a wide range of rewards, from Travel Perks to a great Work-life Balance.

Below are some of the benefits you can look forward to.

Competitive Salary

Drivers earn a competitive salary while in training. A fully qualified train driver’s salary can go to £72,000 per annum.

Amazing Annual Leave

Up to 33 days annual leaves which can be taken in less busy times. Additionally, most rail companies offer a only 4 day working week.

Flexible Working

A flexible job with shift-work pattern, options for the overtime, ability to work on your own. One of the few jobs in the world where you don’t bring your work home at the end of the day.

Diverse and Inclusive

More and more train operators are encouraging women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds to consider the train driver role as a career choice. Today, the rail industry has many leading ladies in it and many inclusive programme, such as ‘Women in Rail’ and ‘Young Rail Professionals’ to encourage the enrolment of women in many aspects of railway including being a train driver.

Rail Benefits

As a part of the rail industry, you will reap all benefits provided from the industry, such as free or discounted travel on the rail company route you work for, reduced rate on UK rail routes, discounts on international rail travel (rail companies across Europe and Australia), and excellent pension benefits.