About Us

The Train Drivers Academy was established in April 2019 on the request of the Department of Transport. It is steered and managed by the Rail Delivery Group. It is an industry scheme centred around improving the management of training and recruitment for train drivers. The Train Drivers Academy is not a physical establishment but rather a cloud-based and virtual centre for train driver training. 

It aims at providing the following:

  • Establishing an effective and easy to use learning management system
  • Enhancing the quality of driver training
  • Improving driver skills via level 3 apprenticeship
  • Career progression of train drivers, instructors and managers
  • Build Inclusivity and Diversity of drivers in the industry

The Train Drivers Academy provides the materials for your training and the learning management system to manage your training.

Who are the Rail Delivery Group?

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) brings together the companies that run Britain’s railway into a single team with one goal - to deliver a better railway for the customers. They provide services and support to enable the operating companies to succeed in transforming and delivering a successful railway, benefiting customers, taxpayers and the economy. They also provide support and give a voice to the freight and passenger operators, as well as deliver important national ticketing, information and reservation services for passengers and staff on behalf of member companies.
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Who is an operating company?

A company that operates a train or manages the infrastructure or operation of the trains, is known as an operating company in the railways. There are two types of operating companies that you should be aware of: Train Operating Companies (TOCs) and Freight Operating Companies (FOCs).

What is a TOC?

Train Operating companies or TOCs are companies that run passenger trains.
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What is a FOC?

Freight rail services are private sector commercial enterprises provided by private Freight Operating Companies (FOCs) on behalf of their corporate customers. In laymen terms, these trains transport goods and cargos for their operating companies.
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